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Applicator Assist
ApplicatorAssist allows us to provide you with a helpful savings profile and product recommendations for the most suitable liquid or paste dispensing system. From a handheld manual dispenser to an automated robot system.

We can assist with customers applications when we discuss the current method or the planned method, the application, the adhesive or material to be applied and whether it is a manual application or automated. We typically request: -

Application Details
Do you have a current adhesive dispensing project?

Do you have an upcoming adhesive dispensing project?

Is there a budget for your adhesive dispensing project?

When is your project due to start?
How many Months?

What product(s) do you manufacture?

What adhesives or fluids do you use?
(adhesive, sealant, epoxy, solvent, ink, grease, etc).

What type of deposits do you make?
(dots, lines, spray, coating, potting, etc).

How do you currently apply the fluid?
(dispenser, valve, hand syringe, bottle, brush, etc).

What are the problems with your existing fluid dispensing methods, and what improvements are you looking for?


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Please note that our Freephone number is for customers, technical support and product enquiries. No cold callers.

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TS9150 Analog Timed Shot Adhesive Dispenser

Standard Barrel and Piston Kits
  Industrial grade barrels conveniently packaged with wiper pistons in the same box. Natural (Clear), Amber (Tint) or Black (Opaque) barrels made from high density polypropylene. Standard PE pistons, flat walled, easy flow and rubber type. Barrel sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55cc. Read more...

Syringe Barrels Only
  Industrial grade syringe barrels in Natural (Clear), Amber (Tint) or Black (Opaque) made from high density polypropylene. Barrel sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55cc. Luer lock design to accept precision tips. Wide falnges for secure attachment to pneumatic dispensers and syringe guns. Read more...

Syringe Barrel Wiper Pistons Only
  Wiper pistons for use with syringe barrels. Pistons ensure materials are dispensed from the barrel cleanly, no air pockets and without mess. White general purpose pistons are used for all liquids and pastes. Easy flow pistons are less restrictive. Red flat wall pistons for stringy glues. Black rubber pistons for particle filled pates. Read more...

Syringe Barrel End Caps and Tip Caps
  A range of syringe barrel snap-on end caps and luer lock tip caps to provide an airtight seal both ends of filled syringe barrels. End caps for barrel sizes 3cc to 55cc,. Tip caps for use with all size syringe barrels and valves. Tip caps available in black, white, green, blue clear or orange colours and in standard or round styles. Read more...

Luer Lock Precision Dispensing Tips
Dispensing tips   Luer lock dispensing tips in gauge sizes from 8 to 34. Precision tube tips, smooth flow tapered, TLC crimped tips, aluminium hub, angled tube, brush tips and flexible polypro tube. Conveniently packaged in sealed boxes of 50 or bulk value packs, all direct from stock. Read more...

Big Barrel and Piston Kits
100cc 200cc 300cc 500cc syringe barrel dispensing   For larger volume dispenser, we stock big barrels in sizes 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 400cc and 500cc. The barrel is made from high density clear polypropylene with PE wiper pistons. Kit includes an air cap, gasket and 5ft. airline hose with connector to dispenser. Read more...

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  Industrial Grade Safe

All products are safe for use for industrial applications. The components are leak-free and supplied in sealed packaging to prevent contamination.

  Silicone Free Products

Products including air powered barrels, cartridges, nozzles, luer tips, fluid lines, tubing, caps and seals - are certified silicone free to prevent contamination of sensitive adhesives dispensed from them.