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Pneumatic Floor Mounted Paste Dispenser 0-100psi
Floor  mounted dispensing system for the controlled application of gels and pastes. Features an adjustable air regulator, fast air exhaust release and compact design. This dispenser is shipped with a syringe pack and long airline adapter hose.
TS924 Foot Valve Dispenser Adhesive Dispensing Techcon

Floor mounted pneumatic adhesive and paste syringe dispenser. With an adjustable 0-100 psi regulator. Three way air valve for quick shut-off prevents fluid oozing when pedal released. Operator controls deposit output.

Suited to controlled dispensing of most medium to high viscosity fluids, sealants, RTV, grease, gels, epoxies, mastics, pastes and potting compounds.

Supplied with a 30cc syringe adapter assembly with 6ft long air hose, barrels, pistons and needle tips. Also available with vacuum suck-back (TS924V for dispensing lower viscosity materials.

Covered by a one (1) year warranty and CE approved. This dispenser is available direct from stock. This robust built benchtop dispenser is simple to use and operate and we offer full technical support for quick set up and for getting results.

  Under bench takes up less space
  Integrated air pressure regulator
  Non electric - use in any environment
  Fast air exhaust reduces ooze
  Includes barrels and long air

Make beads of adhesives Beading
Potting of components Potting
Bonding of components Bonding
Sealing of components Sealing
Dispense lubricants and greases Lubricating
  Part ID: TS924
  Type: Pneumatic Only
  Dispenser Initiate: Foot Pedal
  Pressure Display: Analog gauge 0-100 psi
  Timer Display: No Timer
  Vacuum Display: None
  Dispense Timer: No Timer
  Dispense Modes: Operator Controls Deposit Size
  Output Pressure: Up to 100 psi
  Input Pressure: 80-100 psi
  Size: 200 x 127 x 127 mm
  Weight: 1.82 kg
  Input Voltage: None
Warranty: 1 Year
  Cycle Rate: None
  Timing Tolerances: None
  Meets or Exceeds: CE Approved
Items are shipped in the UK by a courier on a tracked and insured service with products that are available from stock. Items on a longer lead time will be shipped as soon as they are made available.

General Use: Dispensers can be used in a factory production or assembly department to assemble products quickly and without material waste. They can be set to make controlled deposits of materials and beads beads.

Common Applications:- Deposits of solder paste, solder flux, grease to bearings, PVA glue to furniture joints, RTV to seal seams, silicone gaskets to bond products, gasket sealant repair, shots of roach insecticides, modelling, general adhesive and glue applications.

Solder paste beads to PCBs
RTV beads to display cases
Grease deposits to bearings
Potting connectors & switches
PVA glue to furniture
Ink and paint deposits
and many more...

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.
More Info Part Code

Description / Quantity

Info Price GBP Add
0-100 PSI
Air Only Dispenser
Tariff Code: 90269000
Lead Time: 24 Hours
TS924 Dispenser (1)
Clear 30cc Syringe Barrel (1)
White 30cc Wiper Piston (1)
Orange 30cc End Cap Seal (1)
Orange Tip Cap Seal (1)
Dispensing Tip (5)
TDS   each

Summary: This air-powered syringe dispenser provides the user with high levels of control when applying gels and pastes. It is built from high quality parts & covered by a 1 Year warranty. It is pneumatic only so does not require power and can be used in a hazardous and explosive environment. We ship this with accessories ready to use out of the box. It is CE approved and includes a full user guide.

Dispensers require clean and dry compressed air from most small compressors, a mains factory air supply or nitrogen. We recommend the use of a 5 micron air filter on the supply air into the dispenser. This will reduce oil, moisture and particles from the air.


More Info Part Code


Colour Lead Time


Price GBP Add
AD903-NW 903-NW
3cc Size Syringe Barrel & Piston Kit
Polypro Barrel Polyethylene Piston Clear Barrel White Piston 24 Hours 50   pack
AD905-NW 905-NW
5cc Size Syringe Barrel & Piston Kit
Polypro Barrel Polyethylene Piston Clear Barrel White Piston 24 Hours 50   pack
AD910-NW 910-NW
10cc Size Syringe Barrel & Piston Kit
Polypro Barrel Polyethylene Piston Clear Barrel White Piston 24 Hours 50   pack
AD930-NW 930-NW
30cc Size Syringe Barrel & Piston Kit
Polypro Barrel Polyethylene Piston Clear Barrel White Piston 24 Hours 50   pack
AD955-NW 955-NW
55cc Size Syringe Barrel & Piston Kit
Polypro Barrel Polyethylene Piston Clear Barrel White Piston 24 Hours 50   pack
703000CRPK 703000CRPK
Snap-On Barrel End Cap Seal
3cc Size
Orange 24 Hours 50   pack
705000CRPK 705000CRPK
Snap-On Barrel End Cap Seal
5cc Size
Orange 24 Hours 50   pack
710000CRPK 710000CRPK
Snap-On Barrel End Cap Seal
10cc Size
Orange 24 Hours 50   pack
730000CRPK 730000CRPK
Snap-On Barrel End Cap Seal
30/55cc Size
Orange 24 Hours 50   pack
70303RHB 70306RHB
3cc Syringe Barrel Adapter Assembly
Air link from barrel to air dispenser Yellow Head Clear Tube 24 Hours 1   each
70503RHB 70506RHB
5cc Syringe Barrel Adapter Assembly
Air link from barrel to air dispenser Yellow Head Clear Tube 24 Hours 1   each
71003RHB 71006RHB
10cc Syringe Barrel Adapter Assembly
Air link from barrel to air dispenser Yellow Head Clear Tube 24 Hours 1   each
73003RHB 73006RHB
30/55cc Syringe Barrel Adapter Assembly
Air link from barrel to air dispenser Yellow Head Clear Tube 24 Hours 1   each
DCK600 DCK600
Assorted Tip Kit in Hard Case
145 Assorted Luer Lock Tips Varied 24 Hours 1   each

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